Original Fine Art

Fall in love with the original works of art from Vanessa Shaffette, the lady behind Cajun Girl Tributes. If you notice... most of the originals can be spotted on the one of a kind merchandise available. 

If you are interested in owning an original piece, please fill out the contact form with your request. 

Print Reproductions and Canvas Reproductions are available under Shop The Art tab. 

All copyright and reproduction rights are retained by the artist, Vanessa Shaffette. 

  • Tiger Stripe - SOLD

    One of my favorites. The Flow and Transitions between colors is breathtaking. The texture on this one is hard to keep your hands off as well.

    30"X48" Acrylic on Gallery Canvas

  • Queen Cool

    The Queen of Snoball season. A summer delight enjoyed across the south.

    24"X36" Mixed Media on Gallery Canvas

  • Sugar Rush

    The Busy Bee enjoys an extra sugar from the local snoball. They are humble and kind, playful and fun.

    36"X36" Mixed Media on Gallery Canvas

  • Light the Night

    The first official Mardi Gras flambeaux debuted with the Mistick Krewe of Comus on Fat Tuesday in 1857. Originally used to light the floats for parade goers but now a symbol of tradition.

    24"X30" Acrylic on Gallery Canvas

  • Blue Snoball

    The flavor never matters for boys and their snoballs. They just like anything blue.

    24"X48" Mixed Media on Gallery Canvas

  • BeeHive

    Your eyes dont know where to focus on this one. Similar to the structure of the beehive. So much activity and movement.

    30"X48" Mixed Media on Gallery Canvas

  • Rita

    The shy sista to Frida. She may be shy to the spot light but bold enough to be in the room. Beautiful combination of colors, texture and painting techniques.

    24"X30" Acrylic on Gallery Canvas

  • Frida 2.o

    The mini version of the Big Frida. She's just as stunning and still impressive despite her pint size.

    12"X24" Acrylic on Gallery Canvas

  • Romeo

    "The Horse. Nobility without conceit, friendship without envy and beauty without vanity. A willing servant, yet never a slave." Ronald Duncan

    12"X36" Acrylic on Gallery Canvas

  • Home on the Range

    Not your typical cow picture to hang in the home. Bold, vibrant colors and textures that will enhance any room.

    24"X36" Mixed Media on Gallery Canvas

  • Food Gurl

    Part 3 of the Giraffe series. The one who is here for the food. Afterall, NOLA is known for its cuisine.

    24"X48" Mixed Media on Gallery Canvas

  • Deep Sea Beauty - SOLD

    One of the smartest creatures on this earth. The eye that can look through your soul.

    24"X24" Mixed Media on Gallery Canvas

  • Hey Gurl

    The expression that will stay with you long after leaving the room. Part 1 of the Giraffe Series.

    24"X48" Mixed Media on Gallery Canvas

  • Busy Bee

    Listen to the bee and let them guide you. The busy bee will never let you down.

    30"X40" Acrylic on Gallery Canvas

  • Mardi Gras Man

    If you have ever been to a NOLA Mardi Gras Parade, then you should have seen the Iconic Indian Men dancing their way along the parade route.

    20"X24" Acrylic on Gallery Canvas

  • Did you Deer Me?

    Dont move or make a sound. I think he heard you or can smell you. I've never hunted but heard the stories while enjoying the fresh meat. And why not with Red, White and Blue.

    18"X24" Acrylic on Gallery Canvas

  • Freebird

    Strong, Bold Wings for a truly unique bird. Often a docile spieces but dont be fooled, they are not to be provoked.

    30"X40" Acrylic on Gallery Canvas

  • Lets Swing Together

    Whats more fun then swinging on the rides at Carousel Garden amusement rides? The lights, sounds, food and nightlife atmosphere.

    20"X20" Acrylic on Gallery Canvas

  • Lady Liberty

    Bold Colors for a Bold Lady. A true American Icon that was a awesome gift from the French people.

    40"X30" Acrylic on Gallery Canvas

  • Run, Baby Run

    Can you feel your heart pounding as your horse makes the final turn for the home stretch? The sights, sounds, and excitement emmulate from these vibrant colors.

    18"X24" Acrylic on Gallery Canvas

  • Beach Oysters

    Cool Colors combined with Bold Texture. This reminds me of the beach and enjoying the breeze with fresh oysters on the half shell.

    15" X 30" Mixed Media on Gallery Canvas

  • War Eagel

    The phrase has a deep meaning to Auburn Fans. The Eagle is BOLD symbol of the USA. And as you can tell Red, White and Blue depict this legendary icon.

    24"X24" Acrylic on Gallery Canvas

  • Yeah Gurl

    Part 2 of the Giraffe series. The gossip and chatty one of the group.

    24"X48" Mixed Media on Gallery Canvas

  • Love My City

    A One of A Kind City, New Orleans. Not only is this a skyline view but it notarizes the 2010 Saints Superbowl Win.

  • What A Mess?

    A Red Splash worthy to be a showcase or feature on any wall. So much color and so much texture, you will see something different each time you look.

    24"X36" Mixed Media on Gallery Canvas

  • Purple Snoball

    The Purple and Gold Snoball. A true southern delight in the right colors.

    36"X24" Mixed Media on Gallery Canvas

  • Bat'Merica

    The perfect combination of the American Superhero and the American Symbol.

    16"X41" Mixed Media on Wood Panel

  • King Cool

    With the love of pointillism, each dot on this snoball is its own individual color. When seen collectively, a royal snoball is born.

    24"X36" Mixed Media on Gallery Canvas

  • Transcendence

    They believed that the bird was really the sun in disguise appearing as a hummingbird to court a beautiful woman, who is the moon.

    20"X24" Mixed Media on Gallery Canvas

  • GiGi

    Everyone thinks they have the best dog. And NONE of us are wrong. WR Purche

    Invite me to commemorate your favorite partner. A gift that will keep on giving long after they pass.

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