Meet the Chic

Vanessa Shaffette

In a world defined by boxes, and trying not to stand out, I choose to be the mark outside. I love color, especially bold colors or colors you wouldn't think to combine together. The same goes for texture, I want to mix abstract texture with bold images.

My goal is that at each view, you see the picture I have created in a different light or point of view. I hope you never see the same image. But I also hope, the artwork I create puts a smile on your face each time. Life is short and enjoy the view. ~ Vanessa

About My Process

I generally pick images to Tribute based on the fact, I haven't seen them done before or I see a way I can contribute a new perspective to give a fresh retake.

I hate to be defined by a technique because I want to do them all. However, my favorite painting styles are pointillism and impressionism. In my practice, I prefer to always be challenged by trying a new technique or image to keep myself on my toes.

My methods are no different from other Fine Artist, the canvas is thoroughly primed before painting, isolation coat is applied after image has completely dried, and finally a UV resistant varnish is applied for superior protection. Quality over Quantity is very important for anyone that owns a piece of my art. I want you to enjoy this for a lifetime and feel at piece when passed on to a loved one. Fine Art is a very personal investment.

If you have any questions, please feel free to fill out the contact form below or send an email to

Thank you for considering a piece of art or merchandise for your home.


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